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Power to Gas (E2H2)


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E2H2 is strong forward momentum & driving force.

Our ambition

1st Offshore Power to Gas

The time has come to make a difference for future generations! 

The energy transition needs more renewable hydrogen production and we plan do this in combination with offshore wind parks. The Paris Agreement means there will be giga watts of wind energy production in the near future. E2H2's solution will provide green H2 production in commercial quantities for power generation & net/grid balancing, mobility, heating and industrial applications. 


Modular Offshore Hubs

Modular Build offshore wind power hubs will be the location for docking Floating PtG Facilities of installing Modular PtG Plants

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Floating Hydrogen Facility

Floating / semi-submergible hydrogen production facilities will be located at the offshore hub location.

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The opportunity is now!


Subsidised Windpark development is coming to an end but now renewable Hydrogen production development is within reach in the first time in history. We need to make this happen for our children and future  generations to come. The business case is clear and succes is around the corner.